At JNA Roofing, we are focused on the design, procurement and construction of non-conventional roof structures and coverings. We do not limit ourselves to standard roofing and have a passion for complex designs and working with a combination of interesting materials.

Part of our services include the timber and pole structures for thatching as JNA Roofing has been actively involved in the process of designing and creating in this trade for the past 25 years.

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Apart from being a leading roofing contractor, our services include the following:

designing, engineering, sourcing and constructing of standard roof structures,

non-conventional concepts,



pole structures,

timber decking.

For us, it is all about the beautiful combination of vision, creativity, skill and the right material.

"I have worked with JNA on several projects and can vouch for their professional work ethic, conscientiousness and excellent attention to detail."
Jed Kritzinger, Architect

"They transformed the upper level of our Cape Dutch home by removing, raising and replacing the roof. A magnificent double volume, wood and glass Scandinavian-look conservatory, was built from scratch. The JNA group have the skills required to transform the architects vision into reality." Tonia Crawley


We believe our work speaks for itself.
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